All students who reside on-campus at Rollins must select a meal plan. If a meal plan is not selected, the default meal plan will be assigned. This plan is preloaded on your R-Card and becomes active on move in day.

Meal Plan selection occurs in tandem with the room selection process.

The dining plan helps students make a successful and healthy transition from living at home, builds a sense of community, and helps with the socialization process as well.

You’re able to choose from the on or off campus meal plans offered.
Dining Dollars can be used in The Marketplace but only for one-time entry. For multiple entries, Marketplace Swipes must be used. For more detailed information on value, see the Rollins Dining brochure.
Breakfast: $6.90  |  Lunch $10.20  |  Dinner $11.25
Yes, but only during the first weeks of the semester.

MARKETPLACE DINING (R-CARD SWIPES):  Marketplace Dining (R-Card Swipes) are used exclusively at the Marketplace

DINING DOLLARS: The Dining Dollars can be used at any Rollins' on-campus Dining Spots

TARBUC$: TARBUC$ can be used at all on or off-campus merchants within the plan

Dining Dollars can be used in The Marketplace but only for one-time entry. For multiple entries, Marketplace Swipes must be used.
You can use Dining Dollars, TARBUC$, cash or credit card for entry for guests. If you have a Marketplace Swipe plan, you receive an allotted guest passes each semester.
• 10 guest passes for the unlimited plan.
• 10 guest passes for the 15 block plan.
• 10 guest passes for the 10 block plan.
• 5 guest passes for the 5 block plan.

Specialty foods can be arranged based on dietary needs and requests.  To discuss any nutritional needs, please contact Rollins College Disability Services at (407) 975-6463. You can schedule a session to create a dietary plan that works for you. To meet the special dietary needs of our students, several of our locations offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Marketplace Swipes are only to be used for yourself, unless using one of your guest passes. Don’t forget that you can use credit, cash, or TARBUC$, too.
Yes, you are required to purchase a meal plan.
No, swipes may only be used as a component of all-access dining in the Marketplace.

The hours will vary for each operation during special periods.  Check the Hours of Operation section of this website for up to date information.

Use the feedback portion of this website, attend the Food Service Committee meetings or contact Dining Services at (407) 646-2671.

Unused meal plan funds will be forfeited at the end of each semester.

No, Marketplace Swipes will not roll over between weeks.
TARBUC$ will roll over between semesters up until graduation or separation from Rollins.
No, it will not roll over. There is a Maymester meal plan for $250 that is available.
No, unused Dining Dollars are forfeited at the end of each semester.

You can purchase an OZZI container for $6 (at cost) at any dining facility. To return your used/soiled container, simply insert it in the OZZI machine, located at the entrance of the Campus Center. You will get a coin in exchange. You can then take this coin to any dining location and trade it for a clean container. 1 coin = 1 OZZI container. Make sure you don't lose this coin.

We’re constantly working to make improvements and listen to our customers feedback. For an up-to-date menu, visit